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From: Tony Glinka <porthos@****.COM>
Subject: Re: Bounty Hunter
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 10:09:48 -0700
Donald Arganbright wrote:

> All the talk about the Bounty Hunter reminded me of a
> question that I ran into in a game. It is my take that a
> BH can be used against any runner who does not come back
> to the safe house with an objective. No matter how the pull
> out came to be, volentary or forced by GAQ or WGC. My question
> is against how many runners-per-turn can it be used. Against
> as many as you can afford or just one. And when it says that
> the cost of the service is the runners body, is that just their
> body rating as printed on the card, or the amount of health that
> they have left? After all that damage that they have taken
> because of challenges and the like. Either way this is a rather
> powerfull card and I have at least one in each of my decks.

More from the SRTCG Q&A:
Bounty Hunter
Q2: Regarding the Bounty Hunter, does the amount of nuyen paid always
equal the Body as printed in the Runner's threat rating? Or does the
amount of nuyen paid equal "current" body (i.e. - augmented by
cyberware, decreased by damage taken, etc.)
A2: You pay the Runner's current Body value (however it's
modified--damage, dermal plating, whatever) when using Bounty Hunter.

Q3: Can you use Bounty Hunter on multiple characters pulling out at the
same time?
A3: Yes. (It would appear Jim and Skuzzy reached a final agreement on

Hope this helps out.

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