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From: Pedro Gomes <Pedro.Gomes@**.SIEMENS.PT>
Subject: Re: Will the questions never end???
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 14:13:00 +0100
Longshot wrote:
> A friend of mine and I were playing a game when a rules question came up.
> If he is on a shadowrun and succssfully gets past all of the challenges. Is
> there a opportunity to play WGC or GAQ after he passes the last challenge
> and before he takes the objective or is it that once he completes the last
> challenge he is at the objective and takes it (assuming there are no
> requirements for the objective). After all why wouldn't I wait to see if
> his runners get fragged by all of the challenges before sending them home?

I'd say yes, there is a "pause" between challenges and between the last
challenge and the objective where the owner of the running team can decide to
pull out and the oponents can play stingers. That's the way we play it anyway.

> Also, with spirits like the protective spirit can the shaman activate the
> spirit to use the ability right after the special is played? or are there
> no "fast effects" in SR. If I play Riots and he has Hawkwind with a
> Protective Spirit on her, can she activate the protective spirit and then
> use it's ability to cancel the riots or would the Protective Spirit already
> have to be activated in order for her to use the spirits ability.

I'd say yes again, for me it's the same as LOTI'ing a LOTI, you play/use a card
to counter another.

> Also on the subject of spirits (and drones), can the user enter a challenge
> and then activate the drone (in case he needs the extra damage to defeat
> the challenge) or would it have to be activated before entering the
> challenge).

They have to be activated before the combat.

This are my opinions, go ahead say what you think :)

Pedro Gomes

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