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From: Brett Borger <bxb121@***.EDU>
Subject: Re: Will the questions never end???
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 09:33:15 +0000
> If he is on a shadowrun and succssfully gets past all of the challenges. Is
> there a opportunity to play WGC or GAQ after he passes the last challenge
> and before he takes the objective or is it that once he completes the last
> challenge he is at the objective and takes it (assuming there are no
> requirements for the objective). After all why wouldn't I wait to see if
> his runners get fragged by all of the challenges before sending them home?

I would say Yes, there is a chance to WGC or GAQ. After all, I've
pulled out of run after beating all the challenges (unable to beat
the requirement). If I can do it, my opponent can use the same

As to why you WOULDN'T wait until the very end: Perhaps you want to
GAQ and bounty hunter the runner that lets him sleaze the challenges
and not face them?

> Also, with spirits like the protective spirit can the shaman activate the
> spirit to use the ability right after the special is played? or are there
> no "fast effects" in SR. If I play Riots and he has Hawkwind with a
> Protective Spirit on her, can she activate the protective spirit and then
> use it's ability to cancel the riots or would the Protective Spirit already
> have to be activated in order for her to use the spirits ability.

There are "fast effects" in SR, they just work diffently with regards
to timing (nothing pre-empts anything else unless the card
specifically says so). I'd say yes, you could use the Spirit.

> Also on the subject of spirits (and drones), can the user enter a challenge
> and then activate the drone (in case he needs the extra damage to defeat
> the challenge) or would it have to be activated before entering the
> challenge).

Yes (the first answer). There is no "entering" a challenge. Once
you decide to face it, you have a chance to meet the sleaze
requirements. At this point, you can designate spirits and drones to
fight when you don't meet them. [I'm assuming that when the sleaze
requirements are offered, you know what the challege is. Otherwise,
the game offers advantages to those that memorize the
sleaze<->challege orders]

Brett Borger
AAP Techie


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