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From: Tony Glinka <porthos@****.COM>
Subject: Re: Posting Request (Rant)
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 11:08:08 -0700
Brett Borger wrote:

> When you post to the list, could you PLEASE put something in your
> subject line besides "question"?

A little official GridSec support here: I think this is a very good idea
(i.e. please do something about it).

My take on the matter and not necessarily an Official GridSec message
(Duck and cover. This is going to ramble like crazy.):
There are a bunch of posts making to the list each day. You want
someone to comment on yours, so you need to make sure people notice it
and want to read it. (Sounds like advertising here doesn't it?) Why
should I read your post? Your subject line is the way to do this.
Try and be as descriptive as possible but with a limited amount of
words. I see "Question" and initially I am not very interested. Now,
you have a post with "How to Kill Skwraaaaaark!." That's going to get my
attention (unless the post has nothing to do with the subject and then I
get mad). At a minimum please include the name of the card you have a
question with. Like Brett mentioned, "Question about GAQS" is much
better than "Question."

Also, when you have multiple question about a bunch of different
cards, it might be better to make each one a separate post. That way
there will be a different thread for each question. A lot of times, if
you ask 4 questions, one will get answered and by the 4th post the other
questions have fallen by the wayside.

A similar idea about tradelists. A good idea about posting
tradelists is to include your name or handle in the subject line. Such
as "Tony's Tradelist" over just "Tradelist." This is such a good idea
included it in the FAQ. If you don't have it go check out Dvixen's
page. Learn it, know it, live it. It's at:

Okay, I have rambled too much.

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