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From: Matb <mbreton@**.NETCOM.COM>
Subject: Re: trash or sleaze
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 16:28:24 -0700
Kent Riskedahl wrote:

> Why is it that some challenges without a threat rating do not say if the
> challenge is trashed or not? There have been a number of arguments in my
> group about this?
> for example: Mine fields does not say what happens after revealed. We
> have used the FASA ruling, but a couple players say that since it's a mine
> field, you wouldn't necessarily know a safe route through it.

Presumably, the Runners take damage having had to cross through it the
hard way -- running really fast. A mine blows up and they take shrapnel
damage, but after it's all said and done they've crossed the field and
are at the barn doors, so to speak.

> What happens with Widow's Trap? Does it stay after revealed?

Widow's Trap, to my understanding, is trashed once the die roll is
made. Players can keep on pulling out and it stays put.

> I hope 2nd edition will clear this up?

It will. :) Seriously, most of the non-Threat Challenges will say
something along the lines of -

HIT AND RUN / Challenge
If alarm is triggered, all Runners present take 2 - X damage and Hit and
Run is trashed. X - Athletics.
Flavor: "AIEEEE!!!!"

- Matt

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