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From: OneWay919 <OneWay919@***.COM>
Subject: Re: Underworld Promos
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 04:19:20 EDT
In a message dated 98-04-24 16:36:27 EDT, you write:

You asked...
Genetics Lab-----Scrye 5.2 (due early april)
Skills to PAy the Bills-----Shadis 47 (due mid-april)
King of the Hill-----InQuest 39 (due may 6th)

No correct me if I am wrong but it is past the middle of april I have not
any of the promos or the zines they are supposed to be contained in. My
problem is that there is only one store that carries Shadis and on the
in #43 which scares me, (thought of missing a promoa and not completeing my
set) but its Sister store just started stock ing shadis and the put up #46 on
the shelves this week, so I don't know when they are supposed to be out. >>

and I reply... Just got my Scrye 5.2 Today, that's when my local haunt got
them in, and I've heard that the others should be out soon.



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