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From: NosaJKreaF <NosaJKreaF@***.COM>
Subject: Re: Challenge Questions(???)
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 09:05:35 EDT
with the recent complaints I changed the subject, (at least the last set of
complaints including a less chafing form of sarcasm, and some polite

>1. On the Lone Star Riot Police, it says if there are 4+ runners then the
>alarm is triggered, but if there are fewer, does the shadowrunning team still
>have to face the LSRP? My friend and I decided yes. Anyone?

>2. When a character is assaulted using Wanted, can assorted gear be used(
>Bolt of Power, Fire Ball, Drones, etc.)

>3. When exactly is the alarm triggered? (A basic question, but one that
>confuses me at times)

1) treat this card similar to Eyekiller, in that if you have less than four
runners the alarm is sleazed.

2) you get to use all gear that the character has with restrictions to number
(eg, one gun, one armor, etc.)

3) the alarm is triggered when a shadowrunning team decides to face a
challenge and fails to meet the sleaze requirements. the alram is the on for
the rest of the run unless reset, by a card, e.g. matrix gear Sleaze.

hope this helps,


(just my take on how the rules work, I might be wrong)


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