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From: MLoki <MLoki@***.COM>
Subject: Re: Bullet Barrier + Spell Lock
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 11:58:37 EDT
In a message dated 98-04-25 02:43:34 EDT, you write:

>If I had Tempest with Bullet Barrier and a Spell Lock going on a run
>with 3 other guys can I Bullet Barrier and then do it again to acheive 8
>points of Armor.

Well... veddy eenteresting point here.

But first lets look at the card.

BULLET BARRIER - Gear (Magic/Spell) - 2 nuyen

Play on Runner with Sorcery
(A1) until end of cambat to user and all Runners on shadowrun with user.
Bullet Barrier is not cimulative with other armor.

So what is considered other armor?
The Harley Scorpion bonus for sure, as well as, the armored clothing options
presented in the game. Dermal Plating and others would also be "other

BUT is the Bullet Barrier itself considered "other armor"?

I would say no, but thats a definition based opinion.

Basic answer, Tempest and friends have 8 points of Armor, I think....
James Poppe
The card text of (A1) lets us know that it won't stack even with itself. The
Armor spell reads (A+1) and is stackable.



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