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From: Michael Niederkofler <hibou@****.TU-GRAZ.AC.AT>
Subject: Re: Coward combos & Counter cards
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 09:46:57 +0200
Steven A. Tinner wrote:

> >> Stomper + Katana + Wake the Dead.
> >The best strategy of found for players using this tactic (Tony?
> >Skwaarks + Hand Razors + Cermak/Hive/Urban/Wake ring a bell? ;o) is
> to
> >take the objectives first.
> Thanks to Underworld, there a few more fun ways to screw this tactic.
> Arresting those big expensive runners hurts - a LOT.
> Paying for Stomper and the katana once is tough, but after a Long arm
> of the
> Law, or 911, they lose that katana, and have to redepoly the runner!
> That will slow down their very quickly.

I once had a deck, that actually tried to do this. Unfortunately my
opponent was prepared and had 4 Siskos in his deck. So sorry, no
arresting. I tried then then to handle with this, but I soon found out,
that if I concentrate on arresting my opponents runners by all means, my
deck will hardly do anything else.

> Also, you can through in a few Innocent Bystanders.
> "Whoops, looks like those zombies were actually the Olsen Twins - Gee,
> you
> really shouldn't have dismembered them like that ... ;-)"

Yeah, but I think loosing 5pts of reputation doesn´t hurt that much, if
you take Cleanse the Hive.

> Steven A. Tinner
> bluewizard@*****.com
> "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." -
> Semisonic


Michael (still looking for a way to beat this annoying troll decks)

Michael Niederkofler

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