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From: Donald Arganbright <jayden63@*******.COM>
Subject: Rapier, Widow, and pumpables... Timing issue
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 10:50:06 PDT
These problems came up in a game, and I'm looking for info
on how they might be ruled.

1 - A lone ork runner w/Honda Rapier goes on a run. The first
challenge is booby trap. The ork does not have demolitions.
Can the runner trash the rapier to return home before he is
trashed? I would say no because the trap has already been
2 - Your running team of 4 with Red Widow in the safehouse unturned
turns over a challenge and its the Guardian Earth Elemental.
the four runners cannot kill it but if Red Widow joins in they
can. Question at this time (after the challenge has been
revield) can Red Widow join? Or is it like Biotech and he/she
can only join in between challenges?
3 - pumpable challenges. When does the pumping begin. As soon as
the challenge is revield (before any calculations on the
running teams possible damage or ability to sleeze)? After the
possibility of sleeze has been determined but before combat
begins? At any time durring combat, like when runners start
using drug tokens and look like they can beat it, so the
defender pumps it up?
4 - Along those lines on the Objective of Crossfire. When are other
players allowed to pump it up? When they feel like it?


*** In ruling, the Sage attends to the heart, not the eye ***
*** - Tao ***

Donald Arganbright
Jayden Stormwalker

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