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From: Matb <mbreton@**.NETCOM.COM>
Subject: Re: Rapier, Widow, and pumpables... Timing issue
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 13:49:23 -0700
Donald Arganbright wrote:

> These problems came up in a game, and I'm looking for info
> on how they might be ruled.

> 1 - A lone ork runner w/Honda Rapier goes on a run. The first
> challenge is booby trap. The ork does not have demolitions.
> Can the runner trash the rapier to return home before he is
> trashed? I would say no because the trap has already been
> triggered.

A player can pull off any quick effect between a Challenge being
revealed and its resolution. If, for instance, Scarecrow (lone Ork with
Rapier and Invisibility?) was facing an Incubus, he'd have a chance to
zap it with the spell, and (regardless of whether it was an Incubus or
Booby Trap) also have the opportunity to trash the Rapier in the act of
gittin' go.

> 2 - Your running team of 4 with Red Widow in the safehouse unturned
> turns over a challenge and its the Guardian Earth Elemental.
> the four runners cannot kill it but if Red Widow joins in they
> can. Question at this time (after the challenge has been
> revield) can Red Widow join? Or is it like Biotech and he/she
> can only join in between challenges?

Assuming the team left the safehouse with only four Runners (and no one
helping out by way of the Matrix or Indirect Fire), yes, she could join
and take her lumps too.

> 3 - pumpable challenges. When does the pumping begin. As soon as
> the challenge is revield (before any calculations on the
> running teams possible damage or ability to sleeze)? After the
> possibility of sleeze has been determined but before combat
> begins? At any time durring combat, like when runners start
> using drug tokens and look like they can beat it, so the
> defender pumps it up?

There's no deliberate timing for any special ability (whether used by
Challenges or Runners or Specials, or what have you). I'd wait to see
whether or not the team could sleaze the challenge, and then start
pumping; but the option to wait for the shadowrunning player to act does

For instance, I can wait for my opponent to pump his Tin Man, then use
the Elite Security Mage's secondary ability to send him home -- and
*then* pump the mage big enough to take out the rest of the team.

Presumably, though, there comes a point where players will reach a
deadlock -- "I'm not going to pump up Tin Man until you frag a card" --
at which point I'd roll a D6 to determine which player *had* to commit

> 4 - Along those lines on the Objective of Crossfire. When are other
> players allowed to pump it up? When they feel like it?

Yup. Chaotic, isn't it?

- Matt

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