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From: Matb <mbreton@**.NETCOM.COM>
Subject: [Fictional Cards] The Draco Foundation
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 17:27:29 -0700
The Draco Foundation exists in the Shadowurn universe with one purpose,
and one purpose only: to dispense with the articles of Dunkelzahn's
will. (Dunkelzahn being a prominent and poweruful dragon; President of
the United States, actually, at the time of his death). His Last Will
and Testament being something of a mix of riddles and random generosity,
the executors have there work cut out for them.

Not that this has much to do with the cards presented below. Since many
of them are capable of aiding other players, a Draco Foundation deck
would function best in a multiple-player enviroment, offering nuyen and
Runners in return for future favors. (The method of enforcement, of
course, is up to the player.)

JENIFER BLUE / Runner: Corporate Personnel Director / 5Y
0/1. Human; Social-1. May not go on shadowruns. You may only have one
Jenifer Red in play.
Turn Jenifer Red before a Corporate Runner is deployed. Reduce that
Runner's deployment cost by 1Y.
2Y: Turn Jenifer Red to give target Runner Social +1 until the end of
this phase.
"You've got to know how to network in this biz!"

JENIFER GREEN / Runner: Corporate Properties Administrator / 5Y
0/1. Human; Leadership-1. May not go on shadowruns. You may only have
one Jenifer Green in play.
Turn Jenifer Green before a Location is deployed. Reduce that
Location's deployment cost by 1Y.
2Y: Target Location may not be visited or targets by special abilities
this turn.
"20Y a square foot? We can do better than that."

JENIFER RED / Runner: Corporate Supplies Coordinator / 5Y
0/1. Human; Street-1. May not go on shadowruns. You may only have one
Jenifer Red in play.
Turn Jenifer Red before a Gear card is deployed. Reduce that Gear's
deployment cost by 1Y.
2Y: Turn Jenifer Red when target Gear card is trashed. Return that card
to owner's hand.

JOHN OF DREAMS / Runner: Ritual Mage / 5Y
2/3. Human. Hermit; Sorcery-1. 2Y: Turn John of Dreams to give target
Mage or Shaman Sorcery + 1 until the end of turn.

MERRY JOHN / Runner: Shaman Adept / 6Y
3/4. Elf; Firearms-1. Roll D6 before any combat between Merry John and
a Spirit or Spirit Challenge. On a 4+, Spirit or Spirit Challenge may
not deal any damage to Merry John.

RAKE / Runner: Mercenary / 4Y
5/5. Ork; Firearms-1, Gunnery-1. When Rake is deployed, target
opponent becomes his owner. Add XY to your credstick (X = number of
cards in target player's hand).

OBSERVATION DRONE / Challenge (Electrical)
Place Observation Drone face up on your Challenge Stack. Observation
Drone does not count toward the number of Challenges.
If Observation Drone is not sleazed or trashed on a shadowrun, place it
in shadowrunning player's safehouse. Owner may trash Observation Drone
at any time to look at player's hand for fifteen seconds.
Sleaze: Stealth-2 ro Technical-2.

(What does this have to do with the Draco Foundation? Nothing!)

Reputation Award: 20
REQUIREMENTS: This Objective may not be scored if shadowrunning player
has negative Reputation.

Reputation Award: 20.
BONUS: 1Y for each different profession (Street Samurai, Mage, Rigger,
etc) present.

BEING OF *SOUND* MIND? / Objective
Reputation Award: 40. Pick a type of Challenge (Awakened, Electrical,
etc.) when this Objective is revealed and roll D6.
1-3: Challenge receives +X/+X (X = result of die roll).
4-5: Challenge may not be sleazed.
6+ Challenge is treated as a bluff.

OK, not quite as strung together as I'd like. Enjoy.

- Matt

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