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From: Bull <chaos@*****.COM>
Subject: Re: [FASA] Tourney Rules (repost)
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 00:57:26 -0400
At 04:44 PM 4/26/98 -0500, Phil Jaros wrote these timeless words:

>When I recieved the Origins booklet last Friday, I was stunned to see
>the closed deck tournament. IMHO Shadowrun is not really built for the
>closed deck format. I have to belief they are going to be alot of
>people complaining that they are stuck with useless cards in their
>sealed decks...
Well, most likely the tourney will be a Starter and one or two boosters, so
you can swap out those useless cards (Wow... A Fairlight and only a pack
or Trogs to use it...:)), but as of yet I'm not sure...

Personally, for any card game, I think Sealed Deck is really the way to go,
even for Magic, which it is much harder due to the 5 Color scheme of the
game... With SRTCG, there are very few totally unusable cards,
considering. Plus, this solves a few of those nagging problems that pop up
with Prebuilt Decks (Trolls and Urban Brawls/Bug Hunts come to mind...)
that will invariably have people whining :]

As I said, I still don;t know anything about formats and such... I'd like
to see a Starter (2nd run should be out by then, I believe), a Booster of
2nd Run, and a Booster of Underworld for flavor... This would allow you
some flexibility in tuning the deck up for play, while still keeping the
Tournament fair and balanced...

Granted (And this addresses a post from Quicksilver about False Mentor),
there are a couple of cards that can be unbalancing, like FM as well as
everyone's favorite Troglodite, Lord Torgo. But these cards are rare and
unlikely to turn up and/or be THAT much of a winning factor. And your
chances of pulling a Remington are just as good, so the random factor helps
balance things...

Also, I really don't think False mentor is that overpowered of a card...
It's fairly expensive, especially in a deck that won't have 4-8 rockers in
it, annd it can't be used later in the game when it might be most
beneficial. I've foiund myself more often than not pulling the card late
in the game when I can;t use it, or holding it forever an dnot having the
Nuyen to play it. It's one of those cards that's useable maybe 33% of the
time... I'd be more worried about Torgo in a game like this, but between
the casting cost (sorry, old MTG term creeping in there) and the hideous
upkeep, combined with the aforementioned lack of Multiple Rockers to use
it, I'd say your chances of having to deal with him are slim :]

>Congrats on being drafted by FASA to help run it.
Thanks... I think it has more to do with an inordinant amount of time
sucking up to Mike Mulvhill and crew at Gen Con (And Dvixen thought Mike
was annoyed by Me and Loki cornering him all the time) as well as the fact
that I live just a couple hours north of Origins and can get there easily
that got me the position :]

Anyways, I'll be sure to keep you all informed of the detauils as I get
them... Pass them along, and hopefully we'll see a few of you at Origins :]

Bull -- yes I really am a big ugly Ork :]
Bull, aka Steven Ratkovich, aka Rak, aka Chaos, aka a lot of others! :]

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