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From: Jon Palmer <jmp225@***.EDU>
Subject: Re: What is the challenge you hate the most?
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 17:43:47 -0400
>Ok guys, after the "What card I should be" and "Top 10/5"
discussions I propose
>another one...the challenge you hate the most! Don't forget to say why you hate

Challenges? Mage Strike Force, hands down. It's a pain to sleaze. It's
uncommon, so we all have four to use (in our play group). And all too
often, it's getting +10/+10 (A+5), so it just stop the run - and STAYS
THERE. At least Minefield goes away.

Maglocks is also annoying, just because I don't have any passkeys.

Jon Palmer


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