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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: Felix Hoefert <FHoefert@********.DE>
Subject: Fictional Cards
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 23:46:54 +0200

My friend Olaf Kramer thought up a few cards which he wants me to
forward to the list for evaluation. I know they´re not as developed as
they possibly could be. I regret the Yen/Nuyen symbol isn´t available
with my software. Here they are (translated from German):

1) GMC Banshee
Gear (Vehicle/Helicopter)
Deployment cost 10
Threat rating: +8/+4 (A3)
Play on Rigger with Piloting 2 or Mercenary. User may hold but not use
other Gear. Not usable against Indoor Challenges. Trashes Barrier

2) Rocket Launcher (Yes! And he didn´t even know of our list discussion
on this.)
Gear (Ranged Weapon/Rocket Launcher)
Deployment 5
Indirect Fire.
Turn user to inflict 6 AP damage to one target Runner and any other
present Runner receives D6 damage. Place a Usage token on Rocket
Launcher and roll D6 after each use. If the result is equal to or lower
than the number of tokens, frag user.

3) The Mall
Deployment 4
Turn a Runner to visit and name any Gear/ Non-Vehicle card in Your deck.
Roll D6. 1-3: Gear not available, 4: Draw named Gear card from deck, pay
cost and deploy on visiting Runner. 5: Gear is over-priced. Deploy at
+1D6 cost. 6+: As 4, cost -1D6, minimum 1.

4) The Lot
As 3), only Vehicles

5) Hiro-matsu - Yakuza Assassin
Human/Asian Runner
Deployment 8
Melee 3
Threat 5/5 (A1)
May only hold Gear (Hand-to-Hand Weapon) cards. 3 Nuyen: turn Hiro-matsu
to attack Target Runner in one-on-one combat.

6) Trauma Patch
Gear (Bioware)
Deployment 3
Essence -2
User receives Stamina

7) Enhanced Reflexes
Gear (Bioware)
Deployment 6
Essence -3
User attacks first in combat. Not playable on Runner with Wired
Reflexes. Wired Reflexes are not playable on Runner with Enhanced

8) Master Control
Gear (Matrix/ Program)
Deployment 5
Play on Runner with Decking 2. User must be present on Run to use Master
Control. Turn MC to gain control of a just revealed Electric Challenge
with threat rating. This Challenge may be used against the next revealed
Challenge or against the Mission Requirement(s) if it was the last
Challenge. MC automatically triggers the alarm.

9) Rigger Control Unit
Deployment 4
Gear (Cyberware)
Essence -2
Play on Rigger. User may use number of drones equal to his Piloting
skill simultaneously.

10) Blood Restrainer
Gear (Bioware)
Deployment 2
Essence -1
Damage user receives is reduced by 1.

11) McNeil - Lone Star Commander
Deployment 7
Human Runner
Social, Street
Threat Rating 3/2 (A2)

12) Sniper
Challenge (Miscellaneous)
Threat Rating 8/10 (A2) Armor-piercing
One target Runner must face Sniper alone. Only Gear (Ranged Weapon)
cards may be used in this combat. +10 Reputation when Sniper is defeated
in combat. Killed Runners are fragged.
Sleaze Req: Street 2, Stealth 4

13) Mercenary Camp
Challenge (Personnel)
Threat 8/8 (A1)
1 Nuyen: A+1
3 Nuyen: Burst Fire (add D6 to attack value)
Owner of MC may choose to add Mercenaries he controls to the fight.
Sleaze req: Gunnery 2 or Stealth 2

14) Double Dare
Mission 40 Reputation
No Gear or Specials may be used against the Challenges on this Mission.
Requirement: Fight a Runner team controlled and chosen by owner of
Double Dare.

Felix Hoefert


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