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From: Matb <mbreton@**.NETCOM.COM>
Subject: Riggers and Drones (was: Re: Fictional Cards)
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 20:42:33 -0700
Felix Hoefert wrote:

> > > 9) Rigger Control Unit
> > > Deployment 4
> > > Gear (Cyberware)
> > > Essence -2
> > > Play on Rigger. User may use number of drones equal to his Piloting=

> > > skill simultaneously.

> > -? I don't understand the difference this is supposed to make.

> I´m always confused by this - again, can a Rigger add up his drones´=

> threat ratings if he´s got the multiple Piloting?

The RBT, alas, isn't too clear on this. From page 34:

"A Rigger may hold any number of Drone cards, but may only use a
number of Drones equal to his Piloting skill at any one time."

That makes it pretty clear that *using* two or three Drones is
allowable. However, since a Drone replaces a Runner's Attack Rating, it
ends up with several different possibilities:

1) All the Drones stack up -- that is, each adds Attack Rating and can
soak damage into its Body. So Roadrash with two Hunter Drones is
effectively a 10/14 (5/5 + 5/5 + 0/4).

2) Since each Drone replaecs its user's Attack, only the largest (or
last one activated) has precedence. The others are still present and
can soak damage. Roadrash, again, would be a 5/14.

3) Only one Drone can be used at a time, but it can be replaced later in
the turn. Roadrash would act as a 5/9, but could replace a Drone later
on after the Drone gets shot up.

My personal feeling is for the first option; although it's the most
powerful, Riggers need it (and having all that power one one Runner has
its own drawbacks -- GAQS!).

- Matt

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