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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: Tony Glinka <porthos@****.COM>
Subject: Re: Hi, new to list
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 20:43:13 -0700
Keith R. Chenoweth wrote:

> Hiya, I just got on this list today, and am curious how many people
> here. I didn't see any membership numbers on any of the automated
> like you get on some listservers.
> Also, is it appropriate to trade or buy SRCCG here? I'm still looking
for a
> few.

Howdy Keith, as a member of the SRCard GridSec I'll formally welcome you
to the list. There were about 200 list members when I checked last week
or so. I think I would be safe in saying that most of them lurk,

Here is a brief run down on some list policies. [Hey this goes for
everybody, too. :) ]

Trading is one of the main reasons for the list. There are a few things
we (Admin's and GridSec's of the list) ask though. You follow them and
everybody is happy.

If you want to post a list of haves/wants, that is just fine. However,
any responses to this posted tradelist should go to private mail and not
the list. At this point it is consider a private message and the list
doesn't want to read your private mail. :) Also if you include your
name in the subject (e.g. "Tony's Trade List" as opposed to
that also makes things much nicer.

With regards to buying cards, you are allowed to post a message saying
you have cards to sell (no lists or prices please) and then to respond
to you in private mail.

All these are found in the SRCard FAQ, located at Dvixen's site:
Get it, Read it, Know it, Live it.

Also SRCard keeps a list of questions regarding the game and the answers
given by FASA called the SRTCG Q&A: SRCard's Official Unofficial SRTCG
FAQ. It is located at my site (address is in the sig file).

If you have any more questions or need more clarification feel free to
email me privately (porthos@****.com). And this goes for anyone out


Porthos@****.com -- GridSec: SRCard
Porthos' World of Shadowrun:
Tony's SRTCG Site:
Home of the SRTCG Q&A: SRCard's Official Unofficial SRTCG FAQ


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