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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: Robert Thomas <Strangefate@*****.NET>
Subject: My mage & shaman deck
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 03:55:27 -0400
This deck that I use has done pretty well even against some muscle
decks. Tell me what some of you think about it.

Skag X1
Titan X1
Hawkwind X2
Shade X2
Wishbone X2
Grandfather Bones x2
Tempest x1
Nighshade x2
Shasta x2
Lurker x2
Scarecrow x2
The Peacher x2

Ally Spirit x2
City Spirit x2
Elemental x2
Heckler Spirit x2
Jinx Spirit x2
Nature Spirit x2
Protective Spirit x2
Watcher Spirit x2
Wind Spirit x2

Acid Mist x1
Armor Spell x2
Bolt of Power x2
Detect Enemy x2
Fireball x2
Heal x1
Invisability x2
Jinx x2
Ram Spell x2
Sleep x2

Combat Fetishes x4

Talismonger x2
Hermetic Library x2

Ambushed In Route x2
Astral Sentry x2
Chomps 2000 x1
Double Jeapoardy x2
Genetic Mutation x2
Gut Check x2
Hunting Gargoyle x2
Lone Star K9 Unit x2
Mage Strike Force x2
Maglock x2
Manticore x2
Minefield x2
Pressure Plates x2
Security Consultant x2
Scatterbrain Raid x2
Toxic Spirit x2

Bio-Lab Raid x1
Eco-War x1
Haunted High Rise x1
Mystic Testing Grounds x1
Nosferatu Den x1
Shadowplay x1
Site Of Power x1
Sucker Run x1
The Ghost Dance x1
The Vault x1
Tiki Head Enigma x1

I look forward to hearing comments about this deck.


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