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From: Donald Arganbright <jayden63@*******.COM>
Subject: Re: What is the challenge you hate the most?
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 07:21:17 PDT
>>>Ok guys, after the "What card I should be" and "Top 10/5"
>>>another one...the challenge you hate the most! Don't forget to say
why you
>>>Here is mine:
>>>Minefield - I HATE THIS BASTARD, I am known to go on a shadowrun with
>>>4 of which have demolitions and pull a 1 on the D6 which amounted to
>>>some bastard played a loaded dice, result was 5 runners trashed. And
>is not
>>>the only time something like this happened. Boy, do I hate minefield.
>>>How about you? What do you hate the most?
>>>Pedro Gomes
One of my favorits and more manipulating challenges is Ambushed en
Route. This is because the owner gets to dish out the five points
of damage. (I won't put it on the trolls, but the mages), combine
this with a double jeapordy and thats 10 points of hurt.

*** In ruling, the Sage attends to the heart, not the eye ***
*** - Tao ***

Donald Arganbright
Jayden Stormwalker

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