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From: Norman McLeod <mcleodn@***********.NET>
Subject: Re: Backdoor
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 18:07:23 -0400
>Does Backdoor have to be played immediately after you fail to take an
>objective or can it be played on your next run?
> If you have to play it immediately, then your opponents will load up
>objective. That would kind of defeat the purpose of it being a stinger,
>wouldn't it?

No, it's a stinger so you can play it outside of your legwork phase.

> On the card, it just says "after you have reached an objective and
>failed to take it". To my thinking, it seems that your next run would be
>"after" and you could play your Backdoor then.

After I would thin means right after, since otherwise the card becomes to
powerfull. Think of it this way: the Backdoor card indicates a discovery
during the fight for the objective. This discovery is made while the runners
are there attempting to take it, not as a recon action or some such thing.

> P.S. In regards to tournaments, I hope in sealed deck tournaments that
>you will be able to trade for objectives. I say this because a friend of
>mine bought 2 starters and didn't get a single objective.

Actually, I think the coolest thing for sealed deck tournaments would be if
the objectives were all drawn from a common stack, randomly selected and


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