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From: Matb <mbreton@**.NETCOM.COM>
Subject: Re: Backdoor
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 20:43:46 -0700
Kent Riskedahl wrote:

> Does Backdoor have to be played immediately after you fail to take an
> objective or can it be played on your next run?

Immediately after. Technically speaking, the remainder of the game is
"after you fail to take it", of course .. but that's a rules lawyerism.
(I think they're getting out of all the "play (foo) *just* after (bar)"
from First Run, though.)

> If you have to play it immediately, then your opponents will load up the
> objective. That would kind of defeat the purpose of it being a stinger,
> wouldn't it?

...Then again, they're likely to load it back up anyway. OTOH, Backdoor
is a strong combo with Bulldog Van (especially with Cleanse the Hive or
Amazonian Hunt).

If it was allowed to be played any time after the initial run -- look at
it this way. You didn't score the Objective, so your opponent has to
face them all *plus* the Objective. Normally the Objective might be
enough to keep you away from the Objective, but this way you can play it
during the next shadowrun (even though now it's *before* you face the
Objective, not after).

One simple ruling can clear it up .. play "before" and play "(just)
after" effects only extend to the same turn.

Think of a possible abuse: Mr. Black. I start off with no Gear in my
hand. I use his ability -- after all it's "before" I pay for Gear,
right? -- and then, if I roll well, I get to draw the Gear card I need
to use the ability! (And by a slightly different reading, once a player
has paid Y for a Gear card, he can't use Mr Black any more!)

Those are both very obviously false readings. I'll leave off here,
before I embarrass myself further. :)

- Matt

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