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From: Matb <mbreton@**.NETCOM.COM>
Subject: Re: LS Undercover and Questions
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 05:01:33 -0700
Travis Phillips wrote:

> Let me start by saying that I know my address is probably overriding the
> reply to field. I can't change it because I use my email at work and
> for some reason the powers-that-be have chosen to populate this field at
> the firewall, seemingly no matter what I do. So, you'll have to populate
> the mail to field manually to have your reply to this message go to the
> list. That's why I keep a low profile on the list, to avoid being
> thwap'd.

No problem. Just don't let others know you're using this as an excuse.

> Has anyone played Lone Star Undercover on a team encountering Ambush
> yet? Seems that it would be pretty nasty not only turning their runner
> against them, but dealing that damage first! (Maybe this came up in the
> first three days since Underworld was released while I was sans-email.)

It certainly seems kosher. Ambush is a Personnel Challenge.

> I guess that's one of my questions, is it agreed that this is how this
> combo would be played? Or does anyone have a differing opinion?

> This also leads to my second question: I've always played that when a
> card targets a "random" runner (or card...) i.e. Boobytrap, LS
> Undercover, Voiceprint ID Scanner, etc., the target player chooses the
> target of the card. For example, I try to take an expendable runner on
> a run if I suspect there may be a Boobytrap so I can trash that runner
> with little detriment to my running team. Or, if I can't sleaze a
> Voiceprint ID Scanner, I choose the two cards to trash. Is this how
> most people play it? Or have people devised some other way of
> determining a random runner (or card, etc)?

Nope. A random Runner should be chosen entirely at random. Hate to say
it, but people often have hidden agendas when they're allowed to do the
selecting themselves. ("I remember he wanted to play Skwark, but was
one yen too short -- he showed then card and then put it on the left
side of his hand....")

Different situations require different methods:
* Place the cards in your hand face down on the table, shuffle them, and
then flip over two (or opponent chooses two).
* Assign numbers to the cards/Runners and roll D6. Treat a non-result
(ie, five Runners and you roll a 6) as 'roll again'.
* Have a passerby (or other non-involved person) select the cards.

But definitely try and keep it random. :)

- Matt

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