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From: Felix Hoefert <FHoefert@********.DE>
Subject: Today´s tourney
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 01:24:02 +0200
Hi Everbuddy!

I want to give You gals and guys a short review of today´s tourney. Many
(most?) of you probably have never played with more than 3 others, so
this might interest you.
We were 9 players, so each round one player got an automatic win. We
agreed on 30 Rep for this player, since both 80 points, which would have
been needed for a win, and 0 points would be unfair.
I played a basically Dwarven deck with a little support from
Shellshocks, Stompers, and a Hollywood.
In the first round, I was the more or less fortunate to get the
automatic win. All Stomper + Katana + Wake the Dead based decks won
their games. Three players were using these, one frequent player of this
"tactic" didn´t show up for the tourney.
The second round set me against a Wake the Dead deck, and since I came
up with Stomper right away and Nerpsed a Katana from my opponent, I was
able to defeat him by taking Urban Brawl (his), Assassination (mine),
and finally The Vault (mine). I was the only player in the tourney to
beat one of these decks. By the way, my opponent achieved two of his
I the third round, I played against a 4-Fuchi (the guy´s got special
"connections")-decker-Lone Star Deck. As usual, he used Room §$%" as
Ojective. I won by pulling his LotIs with a bunch of Specials like Riots
(which wreaks havoc upon his deckers), and then using False Mentor when
he took my Critter Hunt with 2 Wildfires and other Loneys. Since the
time ran out after this, I won by Rioting before his last turn and
thereby dooming his run. A very fortunate and admittedly cheesy way to
Since we count wins before reputation score, I got to be in the
semi-finals. As I had foreseen, I had to play another Wake the Dead
player. The third of them didn´t make it to the semis because he
mistakenly didn´t go on any run before he got heavy equipment for his
runners, and this took him too long. I lost this game in 15 minutes. At
least I got one Objective for 25 Rep.
The player I was drawn to play the next game didn´t want to play
anymore, probably because he was fed up with not achieving first place
or German Championship qualification points, so I got third place and
thereby an Underworld bosster pack. As predicted, Wake the Dead took
first and second.
After the tourney, a friend decided to build a Wake the Dead countering
Wake the Dead deck (how creative). We played this at his home twice, and
it came out 50-50 against my tourney deck.
The (at least nearer) future will see about 80% Wake the Dead decks and
a few steadfast cheese-haters. My hope is that all the Deaders get fed
up with playing against their own decks and start getting creative
again. I got through this tourney only by a large chunk o´luck, since
I´ve only got two Stompers in my deck.
Btw, asked for the reasons why they played WtD, these players all
answered: "Well, I want to win a tourney, too." If it comes down to
this, why not roll a dice for all of them and let the creative players
play it out for the lower rankings?
I will not give up trying to find an effective countering deck for WtD,
at least for the next week or so :)

Felix Hoefert


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