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From: Jon Edwards <jonathan.edwards@*****.COM>
Subject: Re:_TodayÂs_tourney
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 17:17:45 -0700
<big snip>
>Btw, asked for the reasons why they played WtD, these players all
>answered: "Well, I want to win a tourney, too." If it comes down to
>this, why not roll a dice for all of them and let the creative players
>play it out for the lower rankings?
>I will not give up trying to find an effective countering deck for WtD,
>at least for the next week or so :)
<big snip>


Off the top of your head, could you outline what was in the "Wake The Dead"
decks that you saw? What were the dominant runners, gear, challenges, etc?
Was it mainly dependant on Underworld-type specials, runners, etc, or was
it pretty even with First run as well?




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