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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: Norman McLeod <mcleodn@***********.NET>
Subject: Re: deck designs
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 21:36:59 -0400
>We (my friend and I) want to have some comment on our decks.

good, I wish more people would do this, I'd like to see more decks.

>My friend's: Mine:
>Runners: Runners:
>3 Glitz 4 Kromagnus
>4 Trash 4 Glitz
>4 Kromagnus 4 Thrash

You're making a mistake common to newbies, myself included, in putting this
many rockers in your deck. Take out the four Kromagnus at the very least. I
would cut down to 4 Thrash and 2 Glitz for both decks.

>1 Ripper

Why? I've hardly ever seen him used.

1 Cannonball
>1 Sam the Sleuth 4 Stomper
>1 Red Widow 1 Drake

Good choices

>3 Gore Tusk 4 Gore Tusk

Not a good card. Anti-social makes all the difference. In lieu of your high
costs for this deck, number of Iron Lungs high number of melee gear, etc. I
would suggest relacing these with a combination of Stiletto, Razorback, and

>4 Stomper 1 Red Widow
>1 Cherry Bomb 1 Fastjack1 Ravage
> 1 Knuckles
> 1 Sam the Sleuth

Good. Good. I would add more recon to both decks instead of Fastjack, as it
is good to know what you're faceing before you run.

>1 Elite Security Guards Challenges:
>1 Double Jeopardy
>1 Ancient's Turf 4 Maglocks
>1 Chomps-2000 Guard Dog 3 Hellish Traffic
>4 Booby Trap 1 Lonw Star Patrol
>1 Knight Errant Guards 2 Elite Security Guards
>2 Mine Fields 2 Booby Trap
>1 Lone Star Patrol 1 Chomps-2000 Guard Dog
>3 Maglocks 2 Mine Field
>2 Security Consultant 1 Knight Errant Guard
>1 Guardian Dracoform 1 Motion Detector
>1 Security Camera 2 Corpse Light
> 1 Double Jeopardy

I would widen my horizons a little with challenges, and increace
versitility. My only repeat for challenges is a second maglocks, and this
tactic has proved quite effective. Definately less booby traps and down to
one Security Consultant.

> Specials:
>3 Green Apple Quicksteps
>2 Wild Goose Chase 1 Reinforcements
>4 Luck O' The Irish 4 Luck O' The Irish
>2 Moonlightning 4 Wanted
>2 Wanted 1 False Mentor
>1 Nerps! 4 Green Apple Quicksteps
> 3 Moonlightning

Good choces all, though 4 Luck of the Irish is excessive

> Gear:
>1 Dermal Plating
>1 Ranger X 4 Katana
>2 Katana 3 Dermal Plating
>2 Uzi III

Good, good.

> Contacts:
> 4 Mr.Johnson

>1 Corporate Secretary

??!! Add some recon runners, remove the Witch.

>2 Mr.Johnson Locations:
>Locations: 4 Iron Lung
>3 Iron Lung

Too many, go down to 2

> Objectives:
>Objectives: 1 Sucker Run
> 1 Fort Knocks
>2 Desert Hit 1 Site of Power
>1 Critter Hunt 2 Operation Up And Over
>1 Ragnarock 1 Ragnarock
>1 Eco-War!
>1 Urban Brawl

Why ragnorock? It makes Gore Tusk set off every challenge!!

I would also ask why you have such similar decks? It can't be too much fun
playing two near identical decks against each other.


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