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From: Keldon Mor <Keldon@********.NET>
Subject: Re:______TodayÂs_tourney
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 21:25:58 -0500
>My hope is that all the Deaders get fed
>up with playing against their own decks and start getting creative

How about having a tourny that rewards for creativity? Like subtracting
rep for every duplicate card in the winners deck, or having them start at
a -1 to -5 rep for every duplicate card.

Or, how about putting 4 cleanse the hives in your deck with 4 change of
plans/all or nothing/and blindsided. I've seen a complete team of trolls
well armed go down after fighting 6 bug spirits and the queen...With cleanse
the hive you typically can concentrate on your opponents challenges and if
you keep beating him to them, there's not much he can do except fight some
bugs. I say, if they want to hack & slash on their shadowruns, give them
something to hack & slash.
Any other suggestions to add to this combo/tatic?

Keldon Mor


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