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From: Keldon Mor <Keldon@********.NET>
Subject: Re:_______TodayÂs_tourney
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 00:55:47 -0500
>yeah Hit them with a few Security Consultants nothing like going thru all
>challenges then facin your own Hunting Gargoyles, or Booby Trap, or Mine
>or get the picture...let them cut their own throats, just hope they
>don't have a Mag Locks on top (sucks when you know the combo)

Actually, I think it's in the FAQ somewhere that if your opponent runs
into your Sec. Consultant and there card is a Maglock/Runners on
retainer/fusion gate/security camera/etc... you get to pick the
combination/use your runners/apply the 5 pnts/pick your own card. Don't ask
me what happens if their top card is also a Sec Consultant...the objective
probably implodes...

Keldon Mor


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