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From: "Ojaste,James [NCR]" <James.Ojaste@**.GC.CA>
Subject: Re: Stupid stores
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 15:28:22 -0400
hansen wrote:
>Money makes the world go round and if something sells everybody will want to
>play it... M:tG is a perfect example, the big tournaments offer big money
>prizes which attract more players... Cards go up ridiculously in price...
>When I didn't have a job about a year ago, I lived off M:tG... However, I do
>play (at least for fun) alotta other games (NR, Btech, ME:tW, SRTCG, Rage)
>just to name a few. Now, I view M:tG as just a way to support my other
>hobbies; I play draft, sell the cards I win, and if I can't sell them I
>build a deck using them to attempt to make them salable... M:tG has become
>to expensive to play in constructed (I mean $20 for a Mox Diamond????)...

Ah, that brings back memories. I remember when people wouldn't pay
$20 for a Mox Pearl... When nobody would buy the Alpha set one guy
was selling because $200-300 was a ridiculous amount of money for
a few cards... :-P

James Ojaste


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