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From: Norman McLeod <mcleodn@***********.NET>
Subject: Re: Deck comments welcome !
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 16:56:02 -0400
>Hi there.
>I've built the following deck and would be glad to recieve some comments
>you, because Im still 'learning' deck building strategies. The deck
>contains muscles and mages and sad but true my best cards are involved.

75 is too big, as is 10 objectives. I think 70/6 is better (Unless you need
more objectives to add up to your rep total).

>Runners (18)
>Preacher x2 Mages
>Nightshade x2

This is a good selection, though in your future trades I would look for
Scarecrow, Highbrow, Tempest, and Shasta in place of Nightshade, Jackyl, and

>Grizzly Muscles
>Gore Tusk x2
>Reaper x2

I'd look to replace Gore Tusk x2 and Shellshock with another Stomper or two,
and/or a knuckles or two.

>Kromagnus Money
>Thrash x3

I have not found Kromagnus to be a good money maker, and I tend not to count
my rockers as runners, in my deck, I have 20 Runners for runing, 4 Glitz,
and 1 Hawkwind for healing.

>Challenges (20)
>Booby Trap
>Halloweener Hell
>Mage Strike Force
>Genetic Monstrosity
>The Big Chase
>Hunting Gargoyles
>Scatterbrain Raid
>Yakuzza Hit Squad
>Elite Security Guards
>Lone Star Patrol
>Knight Errant Guards
>Guardian Earth Elemental
>Guardian Fire Elemental
>Pressure Plates
>Hellish Traffic
>Lone Star Beat Cops
>Toxic Spirit

Good selection, variety, I would look to replace the Guardian Elementals,
and a few others without much stopping power.

>Gear (22 ! to many, I think)
>Sleep (mages)

This is a very good card, you may consider looking for another one of these,
and/or an invisibility.


Biotech is much better, try looking for a Hawkwind instead

>Detect Enemy x2

Not too great, try getting some Recon instead, perhaps Static, he's cheap,
easy Recon.

>Hellblast x2

Your Mages have pretty high defense, which makes this a really good card.


This is also a good card to se, but if you get Deckers, I would replace it
with Steamroller


Not a good card, it is too specific to be usefull.

>Spell Lock

Very well said

>Ruger Super Warhawk (muscles)

This is a good card for good money. I prefer the Defiance shotgun, myself,
because you rarely encounter two challenges it will be needed for in a row.

>Heavy Armor (partial)
>Heavy Armor (full)

Both good cards

>Panter Assault Cannon
>FN Mag-5

>Ingram Smartgun

What is this exactly?

>Katana x3

Allways a good card to use, especialy in a uscle heavy deck.

>Ares Predator

Look to replace this with eiter Defiance Shotgun, or another Ruger Super

>Bulldog Van

Good cards

>Explosive Rounds

I see that you put this in for Grizzly, but it's not neccesary

>Locations (1)
>Dante`s Inferno

Good location, god money

>Contacts (4)
>Mr. Johnson
>Bounty Hunter
>Shady Manager

All good cards

>Stinger (5)
>LotI x2
>Some things never change
>Deja' Vu

Good stuff. With muscle you may want Wanted!'s

>Specials (5)
>In-fighting x2
>Even Steven
>The Big Break
>Bad Lunch

GAQ is far better than Bad Lunch

>Missions (10)
>Nosfratu Den
>Tiki Head Enigma
>Harlequin's Game
>Wake the Dead
>Operation Cottonmouth
>Mystic Testing Grounds
>Fort Knocks
>The Vault

Too many, I'd ditch:
Mystic Testing Grounds (You have too much other gear to use this properly)
Harlequin's Game (You have no deckers, riggers, or shamans)

This was a good deck, other than the above mentioned problems, and I wish
you good luck in finding the cards you need in the future.


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