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From: CEvans9159@***.com CEvans9159@***.com
Subject: [Challenge] Once upon a Dream
Date: Fri, 5 May 2000 05:06:13 EDT
Once upon a Dream

Thrasher quietly stole through the night. There was a moon out there,
cutting patterns of light and darkness across the warehouse district of
Seattle. But Thrasher cared not for such things. His Chiba made eyes
allowed him to see into the deepest shadows, as if it were mid-day. He
ghosted through the alley and stopped just at the opening. Across the street
was the EuroTech Imports Warehouse where he was supposed to get something for
his Johnson.
Quickly ensuring that his Security armor was snug and the helmet strapped
on tight, he checked his black matte assault rifle and the numerous pouches
of ammo and grenades. Everything was set. He checked the moonlight streets
and saw no sign of life, not even a devil rat.
Thrasher glided across the street and checked the height of the fence.
Kicking in his cyberleg boosts, he bounded over the fence, landing in a
tucked roll. So far so good. His cyberears picked up the pitter-patter of
paws padding rapidly towards him. As the Barghests rounded the corner,
Thrasher quickly palmed and through a flash grenade. Rolling to the side, he
squeezed off a couple of sound suppressed bursts, noting that the bullets for
each burst hit the paracritters dead between the eye. Dusting himself off,
Thrasher stalked towards the main door of the warehouse.
Pulling out a chip that his johnson had given him, Thrasher slotted it
into a receptacle by the door. Suddenly the warehouse door slid down into
the ground, revealing a deep cavernous room lit only by a single purple
strobe light on the ceiling. But it was enough to illuminate the great
western dragon coiled around a small briefcase.
"Welcome to my little trap Thrasher. You have been a pain in my scales
for a long time. Tonight it ends." The Great Wyrm breathed its Fire as
Thrasher rolled to the opposite side, letting loose a burst that scored the
dragon along the side of the neck. Thrasher continued to dodge Lofwyr's
claws and jaws all the while sending a fussilade of lead towards the dragon.
But Thrasher's luck didn't hold for long. Lofwyr managed to snag Thrasher
with one large claw and pin him to the ground. The dragon's great head
loomed above the helpless shadowrunner and said...
"Wake up."
"Wake up! You'll be late for school!" Johnny woke ups slowly from his
safe sleep in his suburban bed while the dream of being a shadowrunner faded
from his nine year old mind. Someday...


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