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From: Dvixen dvixen@****.com
Subject: Let's start off with a nasty challenge. ;)
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999 23:55:45 -0700
Welcome to SRFanFic! (Shadowrun Fan-written Fiction)

The first challenge is a doozy, thanks to Tan-Dor, for the idea in advance.
;) Rest assured, they can only get easier. The purpose of challenges is
simply for fun, they will be announced from time to time, on no fixed

I hope that everyone will contribute at least one story a year. ;)

Please remember that I'd prefer that SR related discussion stay on ShadowRN.

As for how Fiction-related posts.... I'm not sure quite yet. I suppose taht
will get ironed out soon enough.

Dvixen - dvixen@********.com - dvixen@****.com
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