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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: Iridios iridios@*********.com
Subject: The Challenge
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 1999 22:07:36 -0400
Here we are again, Slick Rick's favorite hangout. Oh how I hate
this place, he seems to spend most of his time here lately. Doesn't
he realize that all his drinking is killing me? Oh sure, not all at
once; in fact only a very little bit at a time. But all those times
start adding up and my performance starts to fall off.
He doesn't even realize that it is his fault, he just blames SOTA.
Always saying 'Gotta get SOTA.' or 'Need to stay SOTA.' I'M SOTA


He went to that hack again last week, the one that calls himself
'Doctor'. At first I thought Rick was going to wise up and take out
those damned wired reflexes. It turns out I was both right and wrong,
he had the Wired Reflexes taken out, but he asked for an installation
of 'Move-By-Wire'. It was bad enough trying to warn him not to strike
out of reaction before; I can forget about trying now.
Of course he put all his faith in the tech, and not what he was
given. He blames yesterday's failure on his brand new augments; when
will he learn that he won't get ahead until he starts consulting me?


Another whiskey and bourbon. Yeccchhh! Not even good whiskey
either. It seems I'm going to have to punish him again, think I'll
wait till he wakes up tomorrow.

(Ok it's been some time since I wrote anything serious...)



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