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Subject: [The Challenge] Out-of-Date
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 03:35:06 EDT
by: Tay-Dor

It's hard when you are out of date. Nobody ever wants to do anything
with you. You spend your days sitting on a shelf in a back room somewhere
collecting dust. I remember a time when everyone wanted to use me and there
were whole buildings devoted to me. They loved to cuddle up with me on rainy
days and lose themselves in other worlds.
They have forgotten all about me now. The rain comes and I remain
here. Stuck on this damn shelf watching the spiders weave their webs. The
highlight of my day is watching some moth get caught in the web. I await the
day. The fateful day. The day when someone finds me and throws me away.
The rains come and they do not use me. They stick chips in their
heads. How those disgusting little bits of plastic and circuitry do my job
is beyond my comprehension. There is no active participation. The little
buggers rape their hosts. They play out their scripts and drag their hosts
on a ragged ride of forced chemical imbalances. My way is or was so much
purer. I never had to stimulate the brain chemicals directly. My way was
clean and subtle. There was physical and mental interaction with my way.
They could touch and feel me. They could see me, take in the adventure and
create their own perceptions of the scenery.
I dream of the day when the little chips shall be discarded along the
wayside for something better. Whether they realize I am what is better, I
don't know. It will be hard for me to make a comeback in these depressing
days. So many are illiterate. Most of them only learn simple iconography.
How can such beings, who can fly in space and do so many other things, lose
their ability to read?
I think I can tell you why. Technology. Those damn machines do it
all for them. Why think when you can passively look at a picture.
I dream and plot their downfall. Yet I know I am doomed to fail.
Progress. It is such an ugly word. Why must man progress? Can't they see
that it is not all for the better? The fools.
Someday...someday...someday they will rediscover books.

by: Tay-Dor 1999



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