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From: Bruce gyro@********
Subject: Look DVixen! I Posted A Story! :-)
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 16:23:52 +0200
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From: David Buehrer <dbuehrer@******>
To: srfanfic@*********.org <srfanfic@*********.org>
Date: 19 April 1999 03:56
Subject: Re: Look DVixen! I Posted A Story! :-)

>David D. West wrote:
>So far so good :)
>/ Now comes the part of the job I dread the most. I should not hire
>/ amateurs, but when it gets to this point, I need to do so unless
>/ get too ridiculous with their demands. 300,000 nuyen is within my
>/ budget for this group, so I just nod and pull my briefcase up to
>/ table. My thoughts stray a bit, as I know two things. First, this
>/ is going down a rathole. Second, I am going to have a personal talk
>/ with the fixer that recommended this group to me.
>..I don't buy it. The Johnson is portrayed as an intelligent guy
>correctly, perceives the runners as a waste of space. Why would he
>them 300,000, let alone hire them at all? Given what I've seen up
>until this point I'd expect him to change his opening bid of 150,00
>20,000, and maybe let them talk him up to 50,000. And I'd expect him
>to do this grudgingly, hoping that they might be able to pull the job
>off. Or, I'd expect him to blow them off completely, handing them a
>bogus info packet and "promise" to transfer the money to their
>after which he'd leave the bar and call the fixer to have a word with

I had the exact same feeling from reading the story (thanks for the
reminder David)

I guess he could cancel the stick numbers and thus not pay them at
all. but it may be far too late for that by the time he gets around to
it. The story seems fun other than that oversight. From what I read, I
cant understand why the J would give these morons any info or money at
all. Better he gives then a letter bomb in the package and saves
himself and the rest of the running community a lot of trouble



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