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Message no. 1
Subject: .02Y on Enhanced Artic. and Etiquette
Date: Tue, 8 Dec 92 10:53:46 CET
I agree with most of the opinions expressed previously, but I can see an
argument for Enhanced Articulation giving bonuses to Etiquette skills:

Etiquette skills are not just knowledge. The way I see Street Etiquette,
it is MUCH more than knowing what SMG to use for the salad and which for the
main course! It also involves projecting an image; an image that makes people
more willing to deal with you; one that makes people respectful and more than
a little bit fearful of you. And part of that image IS the way you move. If
you seem to just be shuffling down the street, big M.F. Deal. But if every
step you take seems to be one graceful step in a complex dance, if with every
step you project an image of restrained power, if a person can look at the
top half of you and not think you are even moving until you are standing on
their boots, ... THEN you are projecting an image. And its one that will make
Now granted, Etiquette skills are much more than just physical. A great
deal of them is knowing what lingo to use, when to drop a name, etc... It
follows then that the Etiquette skills are comprised of /both/ parts: Mental
and Physical. The Mental knowledge without the Physical actions will not get
you far, and the Physical without the Knowledge could easily get you Geeked.

Well, that's my .02Y

- Soren Blackshadow -

P.S. I'd love to see some other archetypes! Post Em!


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