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From: "J. Earl Williams" <IH46@****.BITNET>
Subject: 1001 Things with a Bow...and AK47s too!
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 92 19:17:27 MDT
>>>>>[Doom was talking about Tumbler Bullets...
> provid their damage by striking the target, and while maintaining a large
> amount of its shape, literally turn end over end as it passes through the body
> causing massive tissue damage.
That's true. I once saw a demonstration with an AK-47. They shot the
vic..volunteer in the stomach, and the bullet came out of his arm! The
torque on those things was incredible! (thanks for the demo, Brodie...
and thanks for the copy of "Mage Shit". Most enlightening) I also
recall another book (no comments, por favor, friend Rat), called "Sten"
(the writers were an ex-spook and a paratrooper), in which the people
used a "willygun". The trick on the willygun was that you could control
how much torque the projectile would have. With that an a VERY accurate
distance scope, you could effectively shoot around corners. Check it
out! (and, no, you can't have my copy. And no, don't expect a trid copy
to exist)]<<<<<
--Jew <7:07:19/10-23-53>

>>>>>[No problema, Jew. And I'm glad you like the book. I'm sure it
has a couple of inconsistencies, but I think it does a rather good job
of describing/explaining the 50's. Let me know if you have any changes,
'kay? And thanks for lending me the book. It's funny what sci-fi has
done. BTW: How do you change the stamp again? I think it's on the
--Jew <7:15:00/10-23-53>

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