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Subject: 1,2,3...lose ice bullets!
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 1994 17:29:24 EST
barrel is not going to melt the round since the by the time it takes for
the barrel to heat up the round is already left the weapon.
1. Says who?
2. The round also heats up/not as a result of the barrel heating up.
3. Is someone going to test this so that we have to put warning labels
on ammo casing "Warning: Ice rounds may cause serious injury to
'rabbits or people'. It may also may comically cause your gun to
appear to be urinating. [:)

No offense. Now let's share a big happy Grin
*@ @*
\ ^^ /
"Eternal youth is yours, gift or curse, make of it
what you will."-Elfqueen

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