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From: Hobbes Patrol Headquarters <TYGER@****.WINONA.MSUS.EDU>
Subject: 1 run = ??? NuYen? (WAS RE : Deckers are your friends...)
Date: Thu, 13 May 1993 21:05:05 -0500
>Actually - in our game - it is the deckers who foot the bill.
>What I mean about that is the fact that we set our rates high
>for our jobs and won't be hired cheaply - but that is more for
>status than money - cause we all know the decker (or deckers if
>you are sending in two at a shot) are going to brink back far
>more nuyen worth of data than we got in being hired.

>-- CrossFire --

Which brings up a fairly good question. What is considered a 'good rate'
for a shadowrun? I've set up runs at 2000-5000 range, with no player
complaints. But I've run games at conventions where playes said that
20,000 nNuYen is way too little.

Is there a standardised system? I know Cyberpunk has DERN1000. I'll post
that here, if you'd like to see that (READ:It's not with me tonight...)
Your call.


(PS:I'm not going to be able to get mail 'till Monday. (sigh) I love the

>>>RING<<< >>>RING<<< "hello?"
"Mindcrime." [CLICK]
>>>RING<<< >>>RING<<<
-"Operation Mindcrime"

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