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From: Role Playing Manager <moria@*****.EERIE.FR>
Subject: 1StageB4 Plot
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1993 13:43:56 GMT
I know that players and GM are on this list and this mail is destined
to GM this time, or players who played the plot. So PLAYERS who don't
know the plot "one stage before", stop reading now ( heheheh! ).

For the other who continue to read, are there some of you could contact
me, I would like to compare actions of players in one of the situations
proposed in the plot. ( here is an hint: What happened on the docks? ).
I had masterized it last saturday, and my players are in a deep drek
now ( I like that ), and I want to see how others people managed the
situation. ( this is pure curiosity ).

Please, contact me in private.

Ben - NightWolf


| Benjamin Legangneux | "How can you find your way in the shadows, |
| | If you have no light ?" |
| e-mail : moria@*****.fr | |
| legangne@*****.fr | Michael Styx - Tales of the Black Dove |

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