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From: Gurth <jweste%smtp@******.HZEELAND.NL>
Subject: Re: [2] Fetishes, Astrally active?? (SMTP Id#: 211) - Reply
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 1994 11:04:26 +0100
Fetishes aren't astrally active as far as I'm concerned, since anyone can
make them. Making a focus can only be done by a magical character: to
make a focus requires artificing, and often alchemy, while making a
fetish only requires talismongering. I quote from The Grimoire (p.20):
"Anyone, even a mundane, can use Talismongering skill, but only a full
magician or enchanter, i.e., a magical (enchanting) adept, can perform
alchemy and artificing." So, if fetishes can be made by mundanes, who
simply never have a connection to astral space, how can fetishes be
linked to astral space? A focus, on the other hand, is made by a magician
who does have a link to astral space, so he is able to connect the focus
to astral space. I would compare it to visiting some or another place: if
you've never been inside a certain house, you can't describe its insides
to someone else. Someone who has been in that house can.

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