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From: John Lambertson <john_lambertson@****.FWS.GOV>
Subject: 2 handed combat(again)
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 1995 13:36:14 MST
I have my list set to digest, so I may be very behind in the
discussion, but I think I have a valid point. The majority of the
discussion has been reality based, not game based. If you think of
non-2 handed combat as combat using only one hand, you aren't thinking
in game terms. 2 handed combat is just a way for a character to get
multiple attacks per complex action. Call it whatever you want, but
the game terms are there to make this kind of action simple. I don't
agree with the FoF rules regarding ambidexterity(and most of the
others-no mathematicians at FASA), because those rules turn your off
hand into a useless stump, but the idea that 2 handed melee means you
are using both hands is ludicrous. Just use whatever system for
off-hand attacks you want, apply whatever modifiers you want, let it
happen or not, and call it a second attack in the same complex action.
Reality and Shadowrun rarely intermingle, so why force it?



My opinions are my own.

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