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From: "L.T.Bryant" <cs5025@***.AC.UK>
Subject: 2nd hand fighters UK
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 1994 09:35:59 +0100
In the message from Adam Getchell He asked if i knew who the
people who bouht the Hawker Hunter where, The anser is Yes but
ill be dammed if i can remember the name , But it was for
placing on top of an office building in london as a PR stunt ,
As for the V bomber quote the one i know is definatly privatly
owned Was sat on the end of the runway at Cardiff air port in
the little open air museum they had there, I think it had to be
moved recently but Im not 100% shure.

Hope this all helps
` What do you meen you're going to nevada to get
all thouse retired ex US air frames to refit as drones'
Munchkin GM to players who decided enough was enough and clibed
togeter to out munchkin him.
oh rose thou art sick
the invisible worm that flys by night.....STEEL

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