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From: BITNET%"MURRAYMD@******" "Like, dude, where's the firefight?"
Subject: 2 riggers and no helicopter?!?!?!?!?!?
Date: Unknown time and date
From: BITNET%"MURRAYMD@******" "Like, dude, where's the
Subj: 2 riggers and no helicopter?!?!?!?!?!?

A helicopter can be the most important peice of equipment that your
party has if used properly. Helos that are versatile and armed can act as
an armed troop ship that can let you drop of party members off on the roof
and let you have heavy fire support. Granted, if your party goes for
stealth over fast and dirty a lot, a helocopter would be inappropriate.
But if your party needs to get to the top floor of a building *FAST*, then
a helicopter is very nice. Your decision to buy a helicopter should be
based upon your party's style, needs, and capabilities. If you decide to
get a helicopter, get one that is flexible and has a lot of cargo
capability. Look along the lines of a Hughes Stallion.
Another note: If you do decide to get a helicopter, you will want
to get the appropriate skills that will allow you to modify the vehicle.
The more you decide to modify the vehicle, the more you are going to need
skills and the more you are going to need money. Since your characters
don't Shadowrun *all* of the time, having your rigger start up his own
business using his helicopter to haul around people might bring in some
needed money.

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