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From: Martin Bienwald <obelix@****.INFORMATIK.UNI-MANNHEIM.DE>
Subject: -
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1993 02:00:40 MEZ
> Rules-lawyer: "it's in the book", "it doesn't say I can't" are
phrases I've
> heard from them. They go by the letter, not the spirit. Sick stuff
> comes out of them. Stuff like power-foci forearm guards ("they do
> damage, don't they?"), etc.

I think every GM knows THAT sort. Perhaps the Paranoia rule should apply
here: NO ONE MAY KNOW THE RULES - anyone who knows is under death sentence ...

BTW, how do you explain to the aircraft that just fell onto your head
that "this is against the rulebook"...
Martin Bienwald <obelix@***>

"I have _not_ lost my mind --- it's backed up on tape somewhere"


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