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From: Quindrael d.n.m.vannederveen@********
Subject: 360 degree vision
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 1999 13:03:05 +0200
>Since no one goes crazy when he sees a 360 deg. panorama photo I think the
>brain would adapt. But that rises another question: HOW would it adapt? I
>think it would interpret all the things it sees to be in front of it.

The wonderful thing about the brain is that it is much more adaptable than
most people think. There have been experiments with glasses that turn your
vision upside down, and within a few hours or mostly a day or two the brain
"corrects" it and your vision returns to normal. Of course, in this example
the brain gets a "little twisted" version of what it's used to, and can
easiliy change it into what it always "sees". But there've also been
experiments with "strange views", and as far as I can remember, in those
instances it took a little longer but in the end the brain excepted it's
new input and got used to it. So I think that it would take some time to
get used to 360 degree vision and really place/locate all input to the
right direction, but it would work.

Also, it wouldn't have to be 2D. The same technique used with 2
eyes/camera's, can be used with 30 or so "eyes" placed around the head.

VrGr David

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