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From: Gurth <gurth@******.NL>
Subject: Re: 3G3 to SR
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 11:45:09 +0100
James Lindsay said on 4:07/17 Dec 97...

> You could recreate the damage codes of all the weapons in Shadowrun by
> starting with a base weapon (pistol, SMG, assault rifle) and creating what
> you might call a "control" weapon. All future converted weapons would be
> based on their relationship to the abilities of that weapon.

That's the opposite of what I did, namely try to build ammunition in 3G3
that fit with SR's existing Damage Codes after conversion.

> It would be a noble effort to try to bring a bit more realism and
> consistency to the Shadowrun rules and many of us would applaud you if you
> succeeded. The trouble is, there is much more involved than simply coming
> up with more realistic and consistent weapon statistics. Sigh.

Alternatively, you could adjust only some of the Damage Codes, namely the
greatest offenders against realism: mainly heavy pistols, sniper rifles,
assault cannons (I tried buidling one of those with 3G3 once -- forget
it), plus a few others that need only minor adjustments.

However, the only way to turn SR into a realistic system is to start from
scratch with a weapon design system that's somehow based in reality and
uses formulas to calculate stats, so all weapons are consistent. Then, as
James said, a lot of the other features of the system need to be adjusted
as well, and so probably the best solution is to leave things as they are
and play with a cinematic system rather than a realistic one.

> > I have already changed damage codes for
> > some weapons, like Heavy Pistols to 7D and ARs to 11M, so I guess we
> > could use 3G3 to get (more-less) realistic ranges and stuff...
> Yikes!


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