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From: Lars Fucking Olsen <larsols@***.UIO.NO>
Subject: 4 armed monster (Was Re: Stupid 2 gun rule)
Date: Thu, 15 May 1997 22:48:15 +0200
On Thu, 15 May 1997, Faux Pas (Thomas) wrote:

> At 04:30 PM 5/14/97 +0200, Lars Fucking Olsen whispered:
> >Hmm..Why stop at two independent eyes? Why not get eyes at the back of
> >your head implanted, plus an extra arm or two. With some geneering on the
> >brain, this shouldn't be impossible :)
> >Sounds like a cool NPC at least...IEGG (impossibly evil gm grin)
> Yeah, and the runners can meet the four-eyed, three-armed freak at a bar
> where he's on yet another alcoholic binge because every woman he asks out
> runs away in terror. And don't *even* get him started on buying clothes.
> "Go to a Big and Tall Men's store? Right - Excuse me miss, do you have
> something like this but with two extra sleeves? Frag! I've got to shop at
> outlet malls and dig around the irregular bin for a real screwed up shirt!"
> Street Name: "Freakshow" or "Four-Eyes"

I have a feeling that my runners will be meeting this character pretty
soon :)


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