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From: Josh grimlakin@****.com
Subject: 50 power (Re: Questions of great importance (Steve, Jon, RA:Speople
Date: Thu, 02 Sep 1999 19:48:03 -0500
IronRaven wrote:
> At 15.32 09-02-99 -0400, you wrote:
> >and the fact that they come out of the barrel practically on top of each
> ;|
> Are we talking about conventional MGs, or miniguns? Becuase IIRC, the M-2
> is under a thousand rounds and the M-85 is under 2000. If they were "on
> top of eachother" the pressures would blow the barrel apart and possibly
> the reciever (and that would be impressive, but not enjoyable, too see).
> >What you really need is to get a .50 cal machine gun and shoot it near a
> >watermelon. It's so much more fun when you're doing it yourself. It makes
> <Running quick mental check of inventory- M-2 HMG, negative; M-85 T-HMG,
> negative; any kind of .50-caliber, fixed case weapon, negative unless
> acquired in past 12 days>
> Even I don't have ready access to 50s- no one does. However, I have shot
> 50 cal rifles, and if what you are describing was correct, the target racks
> would have been reduced to mangled tubing or wood splinters,a nd neither of
> those happened. Just regular, clean, ordinary (except for size) holes in
> the paper. Waht you are describing would have shredded the targets into
> confetti or blown coffee cup suacer-sized holes int he target, not half
> inch ones in a relatively intact sheet of oak tag.

I know that with the larger mounted weaponry that use .50 cal rounds it
can break peoples necks by whipping their heads around if it comes into
a one foot area of the head. Perhaps the grain was differnet or
soemthing. I know nothing of weapons.


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