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From: zebulingod@*******.net (Zebulin)
Subject: $64 Collected for SR4 Raffle ($3 USD for a chance) - 2 More Entries
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 17:13:16 -0700
Folks, you have 7 hours. I have $64, which is just $6 (plus shipping) shy of
being able to raffle TWO books, instead of only one. That's right, there
will be TWO WINNERS, if I get just TWO MORE ENTRIES!

The contest ends at 2359 PDT TODAY. You have 6 hours, 45 minutes to enter.


(Again, mods, if this isn't allowed, I'll stop.)

Here's the information you'll need to participate.

Who can enter?
Anyone with a Paypal account.

How many times can one person enter?
As many as they want.

How many times can one person win?

What currency should I pay with?
US Dollars, please.

How much is a raffle ticket?
$3 USD

How long does the raffle last?
Ends TODAY at 2359(PDT) on August 10, 2005.

How will this work?
You send $3 USD to the Paypal account, below. I'll keep track of all of the
participants, through the end of the raffle. As Gencon is on August 18-21,
2005, I will tally the totals and choose winners by August 10, 2005. Winners
will be selected in as random a method as possible (dice rolls, dart board,
etc) with a neutral third party as witness to the selection. (Multiple bids
will weight the method, obviously, as you'll get a larger "spread" on the
die, or multiple "chits" on the dartboard.)

If there are enough bids, more than one person can win. If there aren't
enough bids by at least $5, I will cover the $5 to make sure we have a
winner. If there aren't enough bids by more than $5, each entrant will have
their funds reversed to their accounts. (Paypal allows for reversal of funds
without charge for thirty days.)

Once a bid is placed, it will not be reversed unless we have no winner.
(Bids will not be reversed just because you didn't win.)

I will purchase the winning books at my local bookstore, ensure they are in
excellent condition (I'll get the best from the store) and UPS/Fedex to the
winning person(s). If the winning person(s) are outside the United States, I
will contact you to arrange shipping in whatever manner is most beneficial
to you. Shipping costs will be paid from raffle proceeds, unless there are
not enough funds. If that is the case, I would ask that the winner pay the
remainder of shipping, but the winner can choose how it is shipped in that
case. Tracking is not an option, it is MANDATORY.

I will post a running tally of the size of the fund to this mailing list (if
the mods allow), every week throughout the raffle timeframe.

Paypal Account: australianwraithslayer@*****


+++ $64 COLLECTED +++ (That's ONE BOOK plus shipping at this point.)

AIM: zebulingod
ICQ: 21932827
MSN: zebulingod
YIM: zebulingod
SRGC: SR1 SR2++ SR3+++ h+ b+++ !B UB IE+
RN+ STK++ W- dk+ ri++ m-(d++) gm++ M- P++

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