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Subject: 6 essence for a rating 4 tac comp???
Date: Sun, 23 May 1993 19:20:00 EDT

Heck, why take a Tac Comp of greater than rating 1 and add buttloads
of sensory equipment?

Just to see what it would look like I took 1M nuyen and made a character
with a Tac Comp 1, loads o' sensory equipment and bioware. With the
electronic mag-3, the character's rating 11 (yes, eleven) tac comp needs
4's to get target acquisition, typically adding 6 dice to his firearms
6 with a T# 2 against any target he could possibly want to shoot at (mag-3,

Now I ask again, why would I want a rating 4 that would take away ALL of
my essence?


p.s.: i've written to the Dark Lord querying him about which sensory
cyberware improves a tac comp's effective level. i'll let you know the
(sorry, The) response when i get it.

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